BIT AI v1.0.3
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A.I Based NFT Collection

Our NFTs are guaranteed by artificial intelligence, making each one have unique and different traits, without similar characteristics.
Please Note: That these NFTs are not currently available for sale on Opensea. The official launch and sale date is set for March, 2023.
The images of the NFTs will be revealed at the official launch.
  • Holders will receive transaction fees from the Bit AI.
  • These NFTs serve as validators for transactions on the Bit Ecosystem.
  • Users will be able to stake an NFT to get BIT for free.
  • Holders will be exempt from transaction fees on our blockchain and CEX.
  • Holders will have a free pass to use any function on our artificial intelligence tools.
  • Testnet and AI tools beta access.
  • Airdrop whitelist (1,000 random wallets will be selected to receive this airdrop).
No coding
If you don’t know any programming language, it’s not a problem! You can purchase pre-prepared contracts to be implemented with new functions made by our AI.
Automated functions & Libraries
Start a conversation with Bit AI every time you need new functions & libraries. You can request detailed processes and library imports. Everything will be done in a few seconds!
Smart Security
You can import your code so that AI can perform security testing or vulnerability reports.
Our AI is trained to create functions in contracts of the following networks: Bitcoin and derivatives (BSC, MATIC, AVA, Doge, shiba etc.) & Solana.