BIT AI v1.0.3
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Easily Build Smart Contracts With AI
Key Note: Bit is a group of AI systems which are coupled together to some extent to achieve a common goal. The most common goal of establishing an AI ecosystem is “automation via applied ML”.

Welcome to BIT AI Ecosystem

BIT AI Ecosystem is a blockchain-based on Bitcoin fork with integrated AI. We help developers and companies create smart contracts and security reporting in minutes.
BIT is a platform that helps developers and companies build smart contracts in seconds with Artificial Intelligence without using codes and any other protocol. The first no-code environment to combine behavioral social science with real-time machine learning
We hired a team of information security experts to issue a report on our smart contracts and blockchain.

How does it work?

A very important aspect of an BIT AI Eco-system is the establishment and continuous refinement of processes to enable smooth data sharing between different AI systems. A stand-alone AI system operates in silo, but if we want to create an ecosystem, we can’t have silos. It is imperative that we maintain a solid and automated process to enable an AI system to interact with another via data sharing. This data sharing may or may not be real-time.

BIT AI Eco-system

A BIT AI ecosystem consists of both conversational and non-conversational AI operating in sync to get the maximum output. It is a type of ecosystem where conversational AI takes precedence over non-conversational AI and all the non-conversation systems strive to make conversational AI systems better.